Tax Refund Advance

Processing Tax Refund in Advance tests your patience. Canโ€™t be too reliant on ATO to send refunds. But why lose patience when Bricks & Accountant - a leading Tax refund in Australia will facilitate clearing your bills within a fraction of a minute rather than waiting for ages.

Stop Waiting !!! Process Your Funds Instantly

Our Australian tax team ensures you get your refunds in a quick time !
We have a managed team who help you to process your tax funds faster than ever. Over the years, we have been phenomenal in making clients getting their refunds. Hence, we are a leading firm to help you with processing your tax refund in advance in Australia.
We help you get money from your future refund faster! With our refund advance, you can file and get your money as soon as today. If you are looking for tax refund in advance in Australia, then we stand by you.
In many circumstances, clients expect quick processing of stuck funds, this is why tax refund cash advance emergency loans 2023.

What are tax refund cash advance emergency loans?

You can borrow money from upcoming tax refund. It is available in various forms, be it short-term loan or with interest charges. However, you can get the money quicklyโ€“ usually within a day, as it is an emergency loan. So if you see any requirement arises, i.e. tax refund cash advance emergency loans in 2023, weโ€™ll help you with that.


Tax Refund Advance Benefits

Youโ€™ll find ample reasons to get tax refunds in advance. Also, it helps you process the money sooner and file a tax returns to claim your refund in a single attempt.

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    Find and Get funds for 1st visit
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    Lower Interest Rate
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    No Credit Impact
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    Quick Refund Option
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    Donโ€™t wait for Refund
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    Avoid wait
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    Instant Refunds

Claim Your Returns Same Day

In each transaction, you'll receive your TRA within minutes of cashing out. In a few instances, there are scenarios where the bank might not transfer and take 1-2 business days. So be patient and wait for the funds to transfer.

Transparent Fixed 5% Fee

In this mode, Tax Refund Advance (TRA) allows eligible clients to access 50 % of tax refund ( not exceeding more than $1,000) for a fixed 5 % service fee.

Won't Affect Credit Score

Feel Free, We won't let this affect your Credit Score

In association with Before pay

We are one of Australia's leading Pay On Demandโ„ข services.

How does it work?

1. Participation across all available Offices

You have to leverage the services available in participating Australian Offices only. Check the full list of participating offices here.

2. Access up to $1000 early

The Tax Refund Advance in Australia allows accessing up to 50 % of (maximum $1000) of the estimated refund for current income on your tax return. Currently, this is the FY23 return.

3. Apply With Tax Consultant

After completion of the return, the consultant will confirm the eligibility for Tax Refund Advance during your appointment. After establishing the eligibility criteria, the consultant will seize your interest, and you'll receive an SMS after setting up the account and applying via Beforepay.

4. Access Funds via Before-pay

The processing of Tax Refund Advance is done with Before Pay. All the Bricks Accountants clients will get access to Tax Refund Advance. All the customers need to download the app using a link. After setting up the account and completing Bricks Accountant verification process.
Following the prompt is the norm, and you can connect with the bank. In most cases, you'll have the remittances in the bank account on the same day.

5. Enjoy Easy Repayments

Always repay the tax refund when receiving from the ATO, or make repayments on your own. If you Have questions, We've you covered.

Have questions? We've got answers

The Tax Refund Advance allows you to access 50% of funds (up to $1,000) of the tax refund early for a fixed 5 % transaction fee.
It is available to existing Bricks Accountant services from refund clients and in close association with Beforepay. Also, the Eligibility criteria apply. The Tax Refund Advance is a Loan, it is not a tax refund.
Like all schemes, TRA (Tax Refund Advance) has its Pros and cons:


  • You can't often hard credit pull
  • All loans should be interest-free
  • Quick Funding


  • There is a provision for tax filing fee
  • Opening an account is mandatory, or debit card as per preparer's choice
  • The loan will be subtracted from IRS tax refund
To check the eligibility for invitation to Tax Refund Advance with Beforepay, and meet the following conditions:
  • The minimum estimated refund from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) as calculated by Bricks & Accountant is $1,000.
  • There should not be any prior Fee from Refund or other Debts outstanding
  • No such outstanding debts with the ATO.
  • No such prior garnishments of tax refunds Centrelink, Child
  • No outstanding tax returns in previous years
  • You should be an Australian resident over 18 years of age
Before you apply for TRA, you acknowledged the fact that Bricks Accountants receives a referral fee or financial incentive for referring to Beforepay.
After receiving TRA invitaiton:
Setting up a Beforepay account is mandatory seek bank help and connect your bank and complete ID check to verify eligibility, before you Cash Out from Beforepay. Also, there will be a separate agreement with Beforepay. Kindly go to the website for full terms of usage and privacy policy. Also, you can share and receive a fee share for referring to anyone.

Kindly note, that the Tax Refund Advance is only available for current year returns (i.e. FY23 which is the tax year from 1 Jul 2022 to 30 Jun 2023).
After approval of Tax Refund Advance, you will be repaid your tax returns. The H & R Block will repay your Tax Refund Advance after receival of tax from ATO. All the total repayment comprises 5% transaction fee and will be deducted from tax refund by H & R before releasing the balance.

In case your tax refund is not received by due date, and in advance, your outstanding repayments will be debited from the bank as per the agreement shared while cashing out the Tax Refund Advance.
In case you money is started to deduct repayments from account, it will be considered partial payments and be credited balance owing and remaining repayment be adjusted accordingly.
Also, you should settle repayment before scheduled debit date using Beforepay's Repay early starts functioning from 2 days after cash out.
Before pay is an app and is a chosen partner for the Tax Refund Advance Service and a mission The best-known product is Pay On Demand.

Am I eligible for a Tax Refund Advance?

To meet eligibility criteria for Tax Refund Advance, meet the following conditions:

  • The minimum estimated refund from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) as calculated by H&R Block is$1,000.
  • You have no prior Fee-From-Refund or other Debts outstanding with H&R Block.
  • There are no such outstanding debts with the ATO.
  • You have no prior garnishments of tax refunds by Centrelink, Child Support, or Insolvency.
  • You have no outstanding tax returns from prior years.
  • You are an Australian resident and over 18 years of age.